Join the journey




I have spent my life so far mostly dreaming.

Wanting to be a certain person, have a certain lifestyle,

take part in the things that I deem to be wonderful.
But I have never truly tried hard enough, or reached far enough.

I have accomplished a few of my goals, made some of my dreams come true.
Although I can’t say I’ve done nothing, I know that for me personally I am currently,
extremely far from being the person I want to be
and living the life that I know I can have.

I want to wake up, try harder,
and start over, again.

What I want now is to be honest; with the world, with you, with myself.

This new blog of mine is the start of my quest to being true to me
and not only getting where I want to go, but enjoying the way there.

What do I want? Who am I on the inside?
How can I get there, be that, make this all real?

Join me on my journey and let’s find out together.